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Cornstarch Tableware Bowl 270ml

Size: 270ml


Our products are environment-friendly, nontoxic ,passing the test of the Chinese quarantine departments ,FDA and the United States Toxicological organizations NSF and was permission to the United States Market . Biobased content tested by the United States "BETA Lab " are up 95 % .accord with international biological degradation products market access requirements. The biodegradation rate of our product passes the international compost standards of ISO14855. products can stand the temperature range form -18℃ to 120℃. Microwave oven strong file can be use within 5 minute. 95 % of our products are exported to USA, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and so on, which is high and newtech products to take the place of PP, PE, PVC, PS nonbiodegradable plastic products. It is most important way to eliminate “White pollution” and to create “green ecological environment”.

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